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Mica Tape

The NR series phlogopite mica tape with glass cloth single side, is compounded with phlogopite paper and glass fiber cloth, the adhesive is silicon resin, which is mainly used as refractory thermal insulation between core wire of fire-resistant cable and casing. The temperature resistance of NR series mica tape is above 800C,the thickness ranking is between 0.08~0.15mm. The fire-resistant test shows that, conductor wire entwined with NR-J-GS mica tape warrants no puncture within 3 hours under temperature of 800C and voltage of 1500V. Featured by good flexibility with maximum single coil length up to 2000m, as well as high tensile strength, NR mica tape is suitable for use in high-speed cable cladding in the production of electric cable.

The NR series mica tape has excellent properties such as fire resistance and acid, alkali, corona and radiation resistances. The fire resistant mica has complete incombustibility and high heat resistance. The fire resistant mica tape used in the cable structure with heat proof plastic sheath can reduce and prevent the generation and dispersion of the toxic smoke and gas during the burning of the cable.

USE: phlogopite mica tape with glass cloth single side is widely used in relevant locations related to fire control safety and rescue in high-rise buildings, subways, underground streets, large power stations and important industrial and mining enterprises, for example, the firefighting equipment and the power supply and control circuits in emergency facilities such as emergency guiding lights.

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