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BCI Insulation is a global contract manufacturer with engineering and project management headquarters in Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Our corporate office is based in Hong Kong. Manufacturing is done in China, Kuala Lumpur and Mexico. All operations have a high degree of quality oversight by our respective Mandarin, Malay, and Spanish speaking American engineers and staff.

We own and operate a fabrication plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We operate joint venture plants in Suzhou, China and San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Our focus is on industrial electrical insulator parts and material. We service the mining, railroad, appliance, solar, and HVAC industries.

Engineering, Design and Product Testing Support

BCI Insulation possesses a team of highly-trained engineers in North America and Asia. A core competency is assisting in design, product improvement, and testing. We assist in design for manufacturability in Asia and Mexico. Close collaboration with our customers on design, testing, material, and manufacturing requirements sets us apart from the competition. We often manufacture and prototype test new customer designs in Asia and Mexico at low cost and high quality.

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